Sport bra half open

One-week exclusive collaboration with King Coco celebrating International Women’s Day. Founded by two incredible women, Amel and her sister Yasmine, King Coco is an innovative and unique product that rejuvenates your skin and hair.

Sport bra half open

  • Available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Dubai – Tuesday 5th of March: Classes will be followed by a 15min business talk at 8:30PM with Amel and Yasmine, the founders. Bites and drinks will be served after the class when attending the talk. Goodie bags for both classes.
  • Dubai & Abu Dhabi – Friday 8th of March : Complimentary head massage or hand massage using the special King Coco oil will be offered to all attendees during that day. 

130 AED


We all know that coconuts are naturally blessed with properties that benefit the skin and the hair. But have you heard of king coconut?

King coconut oil is made from king coconuts, a rare variety of coconut, golden in color and native to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E & A, this miracle oil nourishes, softens and deeply restores the skin and the hair, without leaving a greasy film.

🚨 Information 🚨

Location (Dubai) : Motion Cycling – Anantara business tower – 18th floor. Parking is available in B2 (or B1). 10 AED / hour. Click here for the map.

What to bring : sport wear. We will provide you with water, towels and shoes.

Time : class is 45min. Arrive 15min before so we can show you around. 

Price : 75 AED(without VAT)

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